August 18, 2007

It's 8:25 AM!!
Maggie is in the other room crying and I'm giving her 5 minutes of cry time before I go in and rescue her. She'll look up at me and give me a big smile. And of course I'll melt at the sight of her face.

Monica and Maggie leave on Tuesday for Maine. They'll be gone for two weeks. I'm already antsy thinking about their departure. Sad at the thought of not being able to hold them. Sad at the thought of missing something new that Maggie can do. We do have an ICHAT feature on our computer, so she'll get to see daddy through the computer.

During the two weeks, I'll stay busy recording music in Los Angeles and then a bit later in RENO. I'll make sure to post new songs very soon.

Last night I headed to OAKLAND to see the A's play the lowly ROYALS of KC, but it was the A's who were sadly the team of despair, losing 9-2 and looking like a minor league team of sorts as they fielded 5 career minor leaguers in the starting 9. Let's see:
Oooops... That's 6 ROOKIES. That's insane. Only the A's can pull off such a thing. How in the world do they compete year after year with a constant list of nobody's. Well, they are hovering a few games below .500, so who knows if they'll be able to battle back this year. I doubt it and I'm guessing none of you really care, so I'll stop now.

By the way, the start time for the game was 7:05 PM, but I arrived at 3:30 PM just to beat traffic since it is my kryptonite. I stayed at a WAL MART for two hours reading magazines and looking at every aisle in the entire store. Sounds boring right? Heck no! That's fun for me. I'm a loser.
Mike Park
(here's an attempt of getting a picture with the A's mascot STOMPER)