August 12, 2007

7:07 PM
Ahhhhh....The weekend is done and shoooootzzz.. I forgot to use my camera for some good KODAK moments. Ugghh..

Friday August 10th:
Buck-O-Nine and Bomb the Music Industry were in town for a record release show at BOTTOM OF THE HILL in San Francisco. I was worried that the show wouldn't do to well. Why? I have no idea? I like to worry about senseless things. It's fun. Not really, but that's what I do. It was also the last day our for our intern Greg whom traveled all the way from NEW ORLEANS to work for free here at Asian Man Records. Why? I have no idea? But he helped out quite a bit and it will be sad to see him go.

The show turned out fine. The room was full, people were smiling, and here's the only picture I took. BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY'S 1st show in SF

I actually caught only the first two songs and then headed back home. I had to be up at 6 AM the next morning so I decided to leave early and then go up and see them play the next night in STOCKTON. I had driven up SKYLAR, so he was at my mercy in terms of departure time. We stopped at IN AND OUT on the way home, but the line was way too long, so we opted out and headed back.

I unlocked the front door of my house at 11: 26 PM. Thinking to myself "If I fall asleep at 1 AM I'll get 5 hours of sleep(PLENTY)" I stayed up,made some food, watched some videos of the SIMPSONS and then went to bed at 12:47 AM.

Tired...I thought the zzzzzz's......will be happening in no time! But...
1:30 AM:still awake. Frustrated!
2:10 AM:wondering why I'm still awake?
2:49 AM:out of my mind. Ready to cry.
3:22 AM:wide awake now.
4:00 AM:not sure, but I think I fell asleep somewhere around this time. It's one of those "DID I EVEN SLEEP" feelings.

But up and at em', I headed off to SAN QUENTIN PRISON to the play the prison team. This is our 5th game. We are 4-0. I am part of the church team from ALCF. I even started amongst 4 ex-college players, so I felt special. Quite special. Each time I go, it gets a little bit better. Not just playing basketball, but knowing the inmates. Remembering their names. Talking to them and spending time with them. They appreciate us coming down to play basketball against them. It's something they look forward too and it's something that I am so excited to be a part of.

One of the players on the prison team is named Wesley "Two Scoops" Berry. Do you remember that show called AMERICAN GLADIATORS? Well, he won 4 years in a row. If you do a YOUTUBE search with his name, you can see some clips. He's one of the strongest players I've ever played against. Moving me like a pebble. It's sad to see him in prison, but he's got an amazing attitude and is up for parole at years end. There's a lot of stories to share about different inmates. One gentleman named RHINO. His nickname I'm guessing. He's the same age as me. Super nice guy, but just made a mistake. He told me that after high school, he just started partying too hard and made some mistakes. I don't know exactly what happened, but I feel like it could of happened to me or one of many peers. We all make wrong decisions. Sometimes we don't get caught and I guess that puts us in the clear. Who knows? I just have a different perspective on prison life. ENOUGH!

Back home @ 2:30 PM I napped for an hour, hung out with Maggie and Monica and then headed northeast to STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA. It was an hour forty five minute drive. I hate driving, but whatever. It was a small show. Only 50 people paid, which was a real shame considering the success of the previous night. But whatever. I've played hundreds of shows just like that in the past, so it's just another one for the books. And it turned out fine. People had fun. People danced and that's what matters. In the back of my mind I knew my high school 20 year reunion was happening at the very same time. I wondered where I would have rather been? STOCKTON.

Be well.
Mike Park