August 07, 2007

7:44 AM
It's dark and cloudy on this Tuesday morning. I'm starting to plan my tour for next year. I'll be heading back to England in FEB. for two weeks and then a quick 8 days in mainland EUROPE. I'll be bringing SUNDOWNER(Chris from the Lawrence Arms) with me for these dates. I'm also bringing my friend Hiro Tanaka from Japan. He won't be playing any music, but he will be bringing smiles to the masses as he always does. Please don't post any of this information on any news sites like punknews, etc.. It's in the very beginning planning stages and I'd like to wait a bit until I announce it to my tens of fans.

But yeah, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to travel once again and see friends that I've made throughout the years. I've got to start writing some music. I've got partial parts of about 6 songs done. To force myself to finish, I've booked studio time in Los Angeles on August 25th and 26th. Hopefully I can get something up on my website for you to listen to by months end. We'll see eh?

Ok, I'm off to work. I'm going to Santa Cruz later tonight to enjoy $.65 cent night at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. What's that you ask? All rides, hot dogs, cotton candy, and soda are just $.65. FUN FUN
Mike Park