August 06, 2007

8:08 AM
Somehow I forgot my camera on Friday. Kicking myself as I traversed through the concourse with my friend James. We checked out the high priced merchandise and the thousands of kids whom donned various metal apparel. A good mix of regular ol kids having fun, along with your stereotypical metal head full of testosterone and rage. Damn...!! The camera.

Darkest Hour went on at 3 PM. The crowd seemed excited, but a guy standing about 6 feet away kept yelling "GET THE F#CK OFF THE STAGE" between songs. And yes, he looked exactly like you would think he'd look like.

A quick hello with the band and then I headed back home. The band was sticking around til' midnight, so I told them I'd be back later. It was only 4 PM, so early and nice I was able to still go for a walk with Monica and Maggie, eat dinner, and even went to the gym. I headed back to the show at 9:30 PM just in time to see SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, but at this point I didn't care about the show. We watched one song and then headed over to the DARKEST HOUR tour bus and took pictures of their trailer which they got sponsored by some amplifier company. It's quite funny. Here's Paul next to himself.
It was nice catching up with the band. Seeing how well they were doing and learning a bit more about the metal scene which I am oblivious towards.

Saturday, I helped paint a couple rooms at my moms house. Along with my brother in law Tom. We raced through trying our best to get the job done in record time. Or maybe that was just me. I had paint on ever crevice of my hands. It's cool though. I went to the gym afterwards and went swimming with Monica and Maggie. 30 minutes in the pool did the trick in getting off all the paint. Is that bad? Paint in the pool? Are kids gonna die because of me?

Ugghhh.. I've got to get to work. Here's some pictures of yesterday afternoon. We took Maggie to the park and it was my first time putting her in a swing. Not sure if she likes it yet, but it was fun watching her.

Mike Park