August 03, 2007

7:47 AM
Today I will attend the SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND show at the EVENTS CENTER at SJSU. Doors open at 12 noon and 22 bands will play including:
GWAR, TESTAMENT, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, and many, many, many, many more bands that have METAL logos and whom I have never heard of before in my life. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of metal. But I am friends with the band DARKEST HOUR whom I toured with in 2004. They are one of the artists on this massive metal fest and I will spend the day listening to metal riffs and observing people.

The plan is to take many pictures and catch a glimpse of a genre and scene that is obviously huge, but one that I have very little knowledge of. We'll see how it goes. Enjoy your weekends.
Mike Park