December 12, 2003
1:46 PM

I'm falling asleep. I'm trying to work and be productive, but I'd much rather take a little nap and perhaps eat a little ice cream. I've got an interview at 2 PM with the LA TIMES. They're doing a feature on BUZZ BANDS....And guess who's a buzz band.....YEAH! That's right... ME, Mike Park. Kind of funny considering I've been putting out music since 1989, but that's cool, I appreciate that they found me after 14 years of doing my thang. I bowled 3 games last night with scores of 127, 166, and 90. What the heck happened on the third game? I was so excited about the second game that I thought I could definitely get a higher score, but it didn't happen. Oh well. I'm going to Gilman St. tonight to see Toys That Kill. And then heading to SF to hang out with my friend Mara. She loves the Oakland A's and has crooked teeth. Both are very good in my book. I hope she doesn't read this. It's probably not so nice to say that someone has jacked up teeth. But I like bad teeth. I'd like to go see a movie before the Toys That Kill show. Hmmm... A 7:00 a clock movie would be perfect. I need to try and call someone to go with me. I'm not opposed to going alone, but I like the company. It's more fun for sure. I didn't get a chance to go for a walk or ride my bike last night, so I'm craving the chance to go outdoors. I'm gonna probably get out of here in 2 hours and that will hopefully allow me to take a walk around the neighborhood and look at my surroundings. Ahhh...The fresh air will be nice. Have a nice weekend. I'll check in tomorrow.

Peace, mike