July 30, 2007

10:11 PM
Ok, I admit that the Simpsons movie was mediocre at best. I guess it's kind of hard to top years and years of classic shows in one movie. ya know what I'm saying? We'll forgive the clunker shows here and there, but there's so much riding on a movie. Nonetheless, I'm glad it happened. We got Buzz cola, Krusty O's, and even pink donuts at the 7-11's and now I know what those items taste like while watching the cartoon. Nice right?

There's a great band from the Bay Area called the SKYFLAKES. myspace.com/theskyflakes /> I hadn't seen them play in nearly two years. But this past weekend, they played a DIY show in the recreation room of their apartment complex. Add to that a ton of food(which always means tons of lumpia)and you have a recipe for awesomeness! The more DIY unconventional shows the better. Unfortunately I missed the SHINOBU/PTERADON show they threw in their practice space last night, but oh well. I'm trying folks...I'm trying.(To make it out to more shows)

Ummmm.. yeah, the SKYFLAKES. They play pretty music and it's always fun to see them. Their singer Tricia has a 17 month old baby that's smaller than Maggie. Damn, Maggie is a big girl. Actually, there were lots of babies hanging around. It's strange, but before I would never really realize the presence of babies, but now it's like there's this strong bond between the parents of newborns that we only know. It makes for good conversation.

Well, I've got to take out the garbage. Have a good night or day or whatever.
Mike Park