July 23, 2007

8:59 AM
It's been an amazing weekend of fun filled excitement and adventure. First of all the fact that these three guys actually read my newsletter and met the LAWRENCE ARMS at the airport. Is fan-friggintastic!!

The weekend with my friends from Chicago was a wonderful thing. We even went to the Simpsons themed 7-11 in MT. VIEW to buy some BUZZ COLA for the ARMS to bring back home.

Also from out of town were the boys in Andrew Jackson Jihad. Coming from the nice and cool temperatures of Phoenix, AZ. They got to meet Maggie and she seemed to like them too.

But I'm not sure what's happening with the Lawrence Arms. Chris is trying his best, but she's ready to cry.....

And on to the show at Bottom of the Hill. I couldn't find the keys to my van, so we loaded up my honda civic and took a cramped drive up to San Francisco. We stopped at the in and out burger and ate lunch off of the 101. Geeez... How good is that place?

Ok, here's some pics of the show. PTERADON kicks things off

Then it's the boys in Shinobu with wizard costumes and all.

Andrew Jackson Jihad takes the stage next. I was suprised at how many people knew the words to their songs. It made me warm and happy inside.

Heidi from the Hot Toddies gets things rocking next.
And of course the amazing Dan Potthast.
Brendan Kelly seems to master the art of drinking excessively and then playing a rock show.

Look carefully here. Do you see horns in the picture? Yes, you do...Cause they played a SLAPSTICK song. Which song you ask? Broken Down

The night ran late. I ended up getting home at around 3 AM. All the boys in the Lawrence Arms stayed up in San Francisco to hang out with friends. Dan Potthast came with me and he slept over. It was like old times when he lived in St. Louis and would come visit. Ahhhh....

I woke up early the next day. Around 7 AM. There was lots to do for the OAKLAND A'S TAILGATE/SHOW/CELEBRATION/AMAZING TIME..

We arrived at the Oakland Coliseum at around 2:50 PM. Amazingly, the gates were open and there were already a good amount of cars inside tailgating. And to my dismay, my special spot in the corner of the parking lot was already taken. BOOHOO... The woman who was in the corner spot didn't look so happy when we arrived in full force. Like gangbusters, we unloaded the van(Found my spare keys) and started setting up the PA system, bbq, tents, the amps, etc.. etc... And at 4 PM sharp the music started. Here's Pteradon kicking it off
Shinobu Mike contemplates jumping into the creek. I wish he did. Oh well

More Shinobu antics

And even more Shinobu

Andrew Jackson play an all acoustic set next to their van. They are good boys
The Lawrence Arms take over next. Brendan Kelly is a funny guy. Don't you think?

Chris McCaughan woos the ladies with his sultry singing.

The Hot Toddies live down the street and still managed to break down. But luckily they were able to get a few songs in before we wrapped things up. Here's Sylvia rocking out
Well..... there's some visuals for you. All in all a great time. I bought 600 hotdogs and still have 150 left. My fridge is full of hot dog buns. Perhaps I'll have a bbq for the two weeks straight. ARGGHHHH.....It's now 9:24 and I've got to get to work. Be well.
Mike Park