July 19, 2007

8:32 AM
How come my baby wakes up so much at night? Isn't there supposed to be a time when they sleep through the night? And should I feel guilty that my wife does most the waking up to appease our baby? Shooooootzzzz....

And what about Degrassi the Next Generation Season 5? We just received disc one last night via netflix and I watched all six episodes in one sitting whilst eating cheese flavored popcorn, followed up by two bowls of cereal.

Understand this:I must eat before I sleep no matter how full or hungry I am. It is routine and I now realize I can't stop.

Tonight, the Lawrence Arms arrive at casa de MIKE PARK. Their flight comes in at 9:50 PM and I'll meet them at the SAN JOSE INTL AIRPORT. If you live in the area, why don't you come down with signs that say "VIVA THE LAWRENCE ARMS". It will make them feel loved. Don't you think? Southwest Terminal by the way. None of you are gonna do this are you? Ahhhhhhhhh...
Mike Park