July 16, 2007

Daddy says he's tired, so I'm going to write today.
My mommy and daddy took me to the zoo yesterday. We saw flamingos that were very pretty. I asked mommy if we could take one home, but she said "no".
The eagle just sat there. I tried throwing my pacifier to make him fly, but security just got mad at me.
I like meercats. They're funny. We watched them run all over the place and go into holes. Mommy also says we can't take one home.
I like the big polar bear. He didn't seem so happy though.
mommy doesn't like getting her picture taken, but I snapped this one as she left the camera in my stroller.
Rhinos are big and kind of scary.
duck!!! He started coming closer. Wow, that was a close call.
You can't see them so well, but the lions look like the stray cats around my grandmas house. Just a lot bigger.
I think I like the tigers better. They have pretty stripes.
Mommy says this is the closest I'll get to a lion cause they'd probably eat me. I'm learning new things all the time.
I saw KING KONG when I was in my mommy's belly. Mommy says this is his nephew.
I got to see my mommy's cousin Scotty and wife Naoku. Would this make Koyu my cousin too? Or my second cousin? He's younger than me by two months, but I could probably beat him up.
And my favorite animal of the day. The giraffe. I bet it's hard to find a scarf on a cold day.
We headed home after a long day at the zoo. I got a free beanie tiger and I ate him during the drive. The zoo is free for those 3 and under, so I am excited to go again many times in the next few years, but daddy doesn't like to pay for anything, so we'll see how that goes. I hope daddy lets me write again some other day.
Love, Maggie Park