July 13, 2007

4:50 PM
Yesterday I got a parking ticket for $51. I parked on San Salvador and 5th St. near San Jose State University. I learned an important lesson yesterday. Don't park where you're not supposed to.
I should be a teach huh?

When I saw the ticket under my windshield wiper, I thought "Oh well, it's probably $20." But $51....!!! GULP GULP!! Ouch. I never park where I'm not supposed to. What was I thinking? It was all because I went to MUSIC IN THE PARK to see the ENGLISH BEAT. ARgghhh... Damn you Dave Wakeling. We didn't even stay for the show. Maggie started getting fussy and we took off half way through song number 2. Doh!! And it sounded good too. Oh well. . life goes on.
Mike Park