July 12, 2007

2:28 PM
I was a guest speaker at the POWER CHORD ACADEMY session at UC BERKELEY yesterday. I brought in a ton of free stuff in case kids weren't interested in what I said. And for the most part, I think it was quite a success. Most of the kids seemed to be interested in hearing about my ventures in running a record label. Of course there were many who had their heads down in anticipation of me finishing so that they could go back to hanging out with their buddies and play music. And shooootzzz... I don't blame them, I wouldn't want to hear me speak either.

Tonight there's a free show in the park downtown San Jose. I'll be heading out there in a bit to catch Dave Wakeling and his version of the ENGLISH BEAT play hits from high school days. FUN FUN

I'm a bit frazzled at the present trying to balance a few things in my life at the moment, but hey! That's life right. I need to get back to the grind of work, so here I go wishing you a wonderful day.
Peace out,
Mike Park