July 09, 2007

8:05 AM
It was an exhausting weekend. Starting with the rehearsal dinner on Friday through picking up my Sister and Brother in law at the airport last night. It never seemed to slow and my body aches from constant movement. I need to sit in the hot tub badly. Perhaps today. Perhaps......

Saturday, I performed wedding number 6. This time in Aptos, California. Lots of fun. Good people and good food=good time!!
This is the only photo Monica took. Maggie started fussing, so she had to take her for a walk. But look how tall the groom is. Damn, I'm a tall guy, but he's like 6'6".

I just realized last night that I didn't even sign the marriage certificate. We had to leave at around 9 PM, which was late for us, but early for the wedding. Maggie was ready to lose her mind, as it was past her bedtime. So I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye.

The new fun for Maggie is putting her on my shoulders. She grabs on to my hair and it's cowboy time.

Here's a new toy that Maggie seems to enjoy. She's playing with my headphones right now, so I'm thinking anything can suffice for a toy these days.

My poor wife says I never take photos of her and Maggie. She's right. She had to take this on the self timer. I'm sorry.
Mike Park