December 11, 2003
2:21 PM

I'm so bad!! I didn't write anything yesterday. Sorry.. Forgive me. I was gonnna write something last night, but on my way home from dinner I got a call from the notorious Jason Thinh and next thing you know I was at a kegger in near SANTA CLARA University. I felt pretty silly being the oldest person there, but it was cool. I look as young as everyone else, so nobody knew I was old enough to be their professor. I got to talk to some friends I hadn't seen in a bit and it was close to my house, so all was good. Earlier that evening I had met up with a woman named Kristy Larsen. I hadn't seen Kristy in 10 years plus. She used to be roomates with Lynette whom I played music with in Skankin' Pickle years ago. Anyways, I had gotten an email from Kristy saying hello and that we should meet up and so we did. We met at the Fish Market in Los Altos. Again, I hadn't seen her in so long. My last recollection of her was a punk rocker with white hair whom loved the MISFITS with all her heart. I got their first and then she came in and I wasn't sure it was her until she pointed at me and then I knew. She's not a punker anymore. She's an adult. I guess I am too, She still had the punk idealogy and you can teach that. Punk isn't a fashion.....It's a thought process, a way of thinking. And she has it and therefore we still clicked in conversation. Basically reminiscing on the past and about old friends, etc.. That lasted til' 9 PM and then the Jason Thinh experience took over. I ended up getting home at around 1 AM. The night before that I engaged in a Tuesday club that a friend does. The premise is to drink a lot and watch movies. The problem is I don't really drink much. So I drank a lot of tea and watched Lord of The Rings. I've never seen it. Which is crazy, since I see more movies than anyone I know. But the movie was so long. We didn't even start it until 10 ish and the next thing I knew it was 1 AM and I had to go. Today I'm bowling with my housemate Julie. She's moving next week. It's pretty sad, but that's life I guess. The weekend should be pretty busy.. Lots of holiday cheer I hope.. Parties to go to and people to see. I'll check back with you tomorrow.

Peace always, Mike Park