July 05, 2007

Attn:is there anybody in the San Jose area that can rent out a room to a friend of mine for one month. He's coming out from New Orleans next week. He'll pay up to $400. Let me know. He'll even share a room...

11:12 AM
Happy 5th of July!! It's a proud day to be an American. Why you ask? Well....after nearly a decade, the NATHAN'S HOT DOG EATING CONTEST has finally championed a US CITIZEN. And more importantly a local San Jose, California superstar named Joey Chestnut. Again, what a proud day to be an American growing up in San Jose, California!!!!!
Here's a pic of our proud hero!

Now, I tried to do a little hot dog eating contest on my own. But only managed 7 over a 6 hour period. I lose.
Mike Park