July 03, 2007

7:17 AM
My wife and I have been spoiling our daughter. Yes, it is possible to spoil a 7 month old. We comfort her every desire, but last week we decided to try the CRY METHOD. Well, let me back up. To get her to sleep, we rock her for up to 30 minutes until she is dead asleep and then we gently put her in the crib. And I'd say 50% of the time she'll wake up as soon as we put her down, so we grab her again and repeat the rocking. Yeah, pretty intense!!

So last MONDAY we started a technique that Monica read about called the CRY METHOD. Let them cry dammnit. 5 minutes of crying, then go in and touch them(DON'T PICK THEM UP) for a minute and then repeat the crying until they fall asleep. Well, I'll tell ya. It was hell for the first 3 days, but now the crying is minimal and little Maggie can fall asleep on her own. Whhheeeeew... We're not such bad parents after all eh?

Part of the problem is the teething. The little one is in pain. Can you see her two little teeth?

Mike Park