July 02, 2007

8:04 AM
What a mild summer thus far. Last year I remember sweltering temperatures and sitting shirtless with beads of sweat rolling down the tip of my nose. Now I find myself bundled up tight. My wife and I play a game called NORTH POLE. With the bedroom window open, a large fan sits on the window sill and we pretend it's winter. I like sleeping in cold temperatures. It's fun. Do you like the sound of this game? Me hopes so...

So, I went to see the new Michael Moore flick called SICKO. I am a fan of all his movies, ideas, tactics, etc.. And I do realize he pushes the truth in some instances to get an idea across, but nonetheless I understand his goals and am with him til' the end.

Should a rant long and hard about how much I enjoyed this new movie? Nah, I'll just say it's definitely worth watching. And it's worth noting that all people with a heart will want to make a change in the current state of health care in America. I'll end it at that and hope you will see the movie. That is all.
Mike Park