June 28, 2007

Does anybody in the bay area(Northern California) have a generator I could borrow for the JULY 21st parking lot show I'm doing in Oakland? Anyone? What about a big gas BBQ? Can anyone bring one to the Oakland Coliseum on July 21st? Hmmmm....I've got a tiny one, but I need something big and fast.

8:08 AM
It's sad when I get no responses to my post about a generator and BBQ. I know it's not an item everyone has, but there was a time that no matter what I posted needs for, somebody would get in touch. I once needed a lawyer in Oregon who would work pro bono and BAM, one post on my blog and it was granted to me. A post for free tickets to Disneyland gave me and two friends riding Space Mountain for ZERO dollars. And that includes TOKYO DISNEY.

What else? I needed a ride from the airport in Portland, Oregon and one post had a nice person pick me up and take me straight to the club. That goes for many cities, including San Diego where my post had me picked up and they even took me to Sea World for free beforehand. Damn.. Other cities getting picked up by strangers:
Baltimore, Austin, Denver, Milwaukee, London, Vancouver BC, and I think some more, but can't remember fo sho...

Well, I'm off to work. I've ridden my bike everyday this week. It feels good once I start going, but it's the going that's tough.
Mike Park