June 25, 2007

Does anybody in the bay area(Northern California) have a generator I could borrow for the JULY 21st parking lot show I'm doing in Oakland? Anyone? What about a big gas BBQ? Can anyone bring one to the Oakland Coliseum on July 21st? Hmmmm....I've got a tiny one, but I need something big and fast.

Maggie Maggie Maggie

I've finally put her in front of a piano. She's not quite strong enough to bang out the notes yet, but hopefully soon.

At 7 months, she's too big for her car seat, so we got a new one. She seems to enjoy it.

The same goes for her stroller.

Cousin Naomi on her 100th day of life.

Naomi and Maggie enjoying themselves.

Maggie tries watermelon for the first time.

Maggie trying out her Halloween costume. Guess who? She's Paris Hilton.