June 22, 2007

9:08 AM
Does anybody in the bay area(Northern California) have a generator I could borrow for the JULY 21st parking lot show I'm doing in Oakland? Anyone? What about a big gas BBQ? Can anyone bring one to the Oakland Coliseum on July 21st? Hmmmm....I've got a tiny one, but I need something big and fast.

I'm excited to see how many people show up to this DIY FEST. Wondering if we'll get shut down or not? You have no idea what I'm talking about? Well, click the newsletter at asianmanrecords.com and will explain. But yup, it's gonna be a fun weekend that I am truly looking forward to.

My wife and I are going to a movie tonight. Something as simple as a night out as a movie has turned into an epic adventure for us. We're excited as Halmani(Grammy in Korean) Park will do the baby sitting tonight. YAY!! Back to work.
Mike Park