June 20, 2007

9:27 AM
The new DIE HARD movie is coming out next week. It makes me wonder why Bruce Willis would do a movie like this? Doesn't he have a semi-succesful career? Does he need to rehash old 80's hits like SLY STALONE?

I'm not saying that I won't see these movies. Geeez, I for one love bad cinema. If times were different and I didn't have to be as responsible these days, I'd probably be there opening night for DIE HARD and the new RAMBO.

I remember seeing the second RAMBO movie on opening night dressed in full camo gear. And I think back and wonder "wow...we were geeks, but it was a fun time". For ROCKY 3, we dressed up our friend in a bath robe and boxing gloves, blasting the ROCKY theme song as we pulled up to the box office. Ahhh... and the countless STAR WARS openings. FUN FUN
Mike Park