June 19, 2007

12:10 AM
I'm waiting for Chuck and Jill Ragan to arrive. They are staying over after their show in San Francisco, but won't be here until 2 ish, so I'm just kind of waiting around surfing the web.
It's cool. Geeeez....I've spent many nights in a sleep deprived euphoria, so staying up for a reason is easy.

In a few weeks I'm performing a wedding for a young couple named Diana and Noah. I don't know them so well, but I'm glad they asked me to marry them. My joy of going to weddings is no secret. I find weddings extremely exciting and whenever I get invited to one, I usually go if it's within a reasonable distance. But when officiating a wedding, it's all business. I mean...come on, this is the most important day in this young couples lives, so I don't want to screw things up by saying the wrong thing. Makes sense right?

Weddings are huge!! I often wonder if I'll make the cut when I hear a friend is getting married. And I have to admit there's a bit of sadness when a friend doesn't invite me to their wedding. I would wonder why I didn't make the cut? Hmmmm... Then I would think bad thoughts upon them and 86 them from my life. I'm vengeful.
Mike Park