June 15, 2007

8:42 AM
Traffic at 1 AM makes me an extremely sad person. The rule is to always take HWY 280 when traveling to and from San Francisco, but I took HWY 101 thinking at this time of night, it's smooooooth sailing. But I was wrong. It took me 2 hrs to get home from the big city and now I'm zombied up on 4 hrs sleep. Ugggghhhh...

I headed up to San Francisco to meet up with friends Teresa and Chris to eat burritos at the best taqueria called EL FAROLITO. Located in the mission on 24th. Best green salsa in the world. They have this classic painting of a donner kebab in the rear.

Then it was off to the BOTTOM OF THE HILL. The Queers were playing and it was the first time I had seen them since 1994. Actually, it's the only time I've seen them. Joe Queer is the leader and only original member left. We've re-issued 8 of their records on Asian Man in the last year or so and my only contact with Joe has been through email and the telephone, so it was nice to finally see him in person.

I also met Danny Vapid from Screeching Weasel, whom opened the show in his band the METHADONES. I had actually met him about 7 years back at a Halloween party in Chicago. He said "Nice to meet you", but I said "we met at a party 7 years ago in Chicago". And he said "Yes, I remember". Stimulating conversation.

Here's a photo I took of the QUEERS. Pretty amazing photographer I am. Right?

But again, that darn traffic coming home ruined a perfectly good day. Now it's off to work and then a meeting with my childhood hero BUSTER BLOODVESSEL for lunch. Darn, I'm tired.
Be well.
Mike Park