June 11, 2007

7:42 AM
I played basketball at San Quentin Prison on Saturday morning as part of a work program with ALCF CHURCH. I had to be in Mt. View at 6:30 AM to ride up with the church van. I went to sleep early on Friday. 10:14 PM, in my pajamas, ready to sleep away.
11:28 PM-Still wide awake
12:13 AM-Still wide awake. I decide to eat some food and make myself tired. Two bowls of cereal and a bagel with cream cheese.
1:30 ish AM-Still wide awake.
2:00 AM-Starting to freak out. I'm so alert at this point, I don't know what's going on??
2:30 AM-Start getting angry. I find myself hitting my head for no other reason than being angry.
3:40 ish AM-I give up and decide I'm not gonna make it and soon I'm asleep.
6:35 AM-I wake up and am extremely disappointed at not making it.
6:50 AM-I decide I'm gonna drive myself up to San Quentin
7:00 AM-I'm in my car driving faster than I've driven in years.
Alas, I make it to San Quentin at 8:15 AM. I had gone once before to play, but that was two months ago and couldn't quite remember where the location was, so I stopped at one point and asked a prison guard where I should go?? Now, let's talk about POWER TRIP. Why? He rattled off directions so fast and then I asked "So, do I go left on this street?" He answered as if I had just committed a violent crime. "DID I SAY LEFT"!!!????

I just went right and hoped for the best. Luckily I found the correct place and one of the men in charge was waiting for me, as I had called earlier to tell him I'd be late. He said "No hurry, we've got plenty of time". He said just bring your license and nothing else, so I took a quick picture of the entrance and then went into the prison.

It was a very stereotypical setting. Just like what you would expect from seeing movies of prison activity. The courtyard was filled with lots of buffed inmates covered in tattoos. Lots of exercise going on. In addition to our basketball court, there was a tennis court, volleyball court, and a baseball diamond. And there were outsiders on each field, playing against a prison team. WOW!!! Pretty surreal.

Well, not to bore you out of your minds. It was really an amazing experience. The prisoners were all very kind and grateful we were there, but whilst playing basketball there were a few guys who were extremely talented and extremely physical. I had a hard time keeping up with their level, but all in all I think I played pretty well and am looking forward to doing it again next month. FUN FUN

It actually turned out to be a good thing that I drove separately, as I needed to be back home for my moms B-DAY!! The big 71. I was actually the first one to arrive and helped start up the BBQ. We ate a plethora of Korean spiced meats and vegetables. And of course I ate to full capacity.
Maggie even gave Halmani(Grandma in Korean) a card.

and we spared mom the 71 candles and just put one for each decade.
good job mom!

The realization that I had slept only 3 hours kept creeping through my head, but I felt great. Even after eating a huge meal. I was going to take a nap, but just drank some tea and then myself, maggie, and Monica headed off to Los Altos for a wedding.

A friend from high school named Jim tied the knot and had the reception up in the Los Altos hills. Really beautiful place and it was definitely reunion time as I got to see many faces of the past. Geeeezz.... How we've aged over the years. Everybody seems so much older. Me too? Hmmmm....
my high school buddy and his daughter meeting up with Mags and Monica. FUN FUN

I thought for sure I'd be asleep as soon as we got home, but I stayed up til' past midnight. Strange. I guess I have some sleep issues.

A friend had a graduation BBQ yesterday and I ended up eating more mass amounts of food. DOH!! I guess it's time to rehab this week. Wish me well as I feel like I've gained a ton.
Peace always,
Mike Park