December 31, 1969

9:24 AM
The calm of the morning is something I cherish. Something about being alone and just having some time to think aloud and not worry about anything or anybody is so delicious to me. But this should all change soon as Skylar will arrive at work and a slew of interns and yup. The calm is over. If only I could go to sleep earlier and wake up at the crack of dawn. I'm sure I could. Perhaps I'm too stubborn to leave my night owl lifestyle.

So, somebody sent me this trading card in the mail. I wondered why they sent me this?

Why I asked?
I came close to throwing it away, but thankfully my eye caught my name on the back of the card. Yup... That's right. I'm this kids hero!! Probably not anymore. Looks like this crad is 7 years old now. I'm sure he's in his mid twenties now listening to BELLE AND SEBASTIAN and definitely not Mike Park. But hey, I made it!! Damn it!! I made it!!!
When you're on a boy crazy trading card, you must have made it.
It's good to know young boys adore me, while young women are haunted by my disfugured face.
Mike Park