June 05, 2007

10:54 PM
Tuesday night and I'm laying on my stomach, head propped up by two pillows with a bottle of pellegrino next to me. Ahhhh.... I live a rebel life. There's nothing more exciting than drinking sparkling mineral water before bed.

Monica and I made burritos earlier tonight. Bell peppers, zucchini, garlic, avacado, rice, beans, and chicken. All of this wrapped in a tortilla with melted cheese. The ingredients to make a sure fire winning dinner right? Wrong. Unless my taste buds are completely dust, my food tasted like I was eating paper. Maybe the lack of cheese on my burrito did me in. The rule should always be...EXCESS CHEESE when possible. But no luck this time through. But to curb my eating disorder I'm gonna make some food right now. It's only 11:01 PM. Perfect time to eat.
Mike Park