December 08, 2003
3:10 PM

The wild, wild, wild....WILD world of advanced Technology. I woke up in Denver at 6:30 AM and BAM..hours later I'm back in California and I've already worked 4 hours at Asian Man. This flying this is NOT OVER RATED at all. If you can get over the idea of the small chance that you could die flying and that perhaps it would be the scariest thing ever as you would plummet to your death knowing that your body would most likely be severed in half from the force and the restricting seat belt. WELL, if you can get over that little inconvenience...then flying RULES!! I finished off my 3 shows with a finale in Colorado Springs, CO.. It was a horrible show. All the bands were great. Andy Tanner, Drag the River,and the Right Aways, but the crowd was horrible. NOT EVERYONE!! Just in general. I knew it before I even played. There were about 300 people there and about 50 really cared that I was playing. Anyways, I played about 15 minutes and then just cut it short. It wasn't worth it. The kids were just being kids, But it's no fun playing acoustic music and pouring your heart out when there's kids talking louder than I'm playing. But there were definitely some great people and the staff was nice and the promoter was nice, it was just a show I'd like to forget. Back to work. Hope you have a good week. I'm gonna ride my bike for sure tonight.