June 03, 2007

It's 11:45 PM y'all!!!
I'm friggin beat...
But as usual I'm a night owl and will continue to be awake for at least the next few hours. This weekend was quite busy and I must realize that a 6 month old baby who is teething doesn't always equate towards GREAT outings. But nonetheless I feel it's important to keep trying and exposing little Maggie to the outside world. Taking her to parties, baseball games, and hopefully sooner than later punk rock shows. I guess Mommy will decide when that time is right. If it was my choice we'd be going already.

Last night we met up in the east bay with a group of fellow A's lovers and tailgated to our hearts content before our men in tights would battle the Minnesota Twins. A 6:05 PM first pitch meant that we would have to leave the game early, but the tailgate started at 3:30 and I thought it would be worth the time and effort to hang out and enjoy some bbq & baseball, but Maggie was super fussy. Her cheeks were bright red from the pain in her mouth. And the pleasant weather of N. California turned a bit cloudy and windy. No big deal. A light jacket was more than enough, but with baby in tow it seemed to make things impossible. We managed 4 innings of Maggie crying, so we left. Then I started to cry after realizing I paid $16 a ticket for nose bleed seats. Plus it was FIREWORKS night. I love fireworks night.
(I managed to snap this shot of Monica at the game. She doesn't like her picture taken. WHY?)
(you might be able to catch a glimpse of the two little teeth coming through the gums..OUCH!!)

Our house mates daughter graduated junior high this past weekend.
(Haley and her friends. They have just graduated JR. HIGH and are ready to take on the world)
Actually, I guess she's not our house mate anymore, but anyways.....we went to her graduation luncheon at noon at Maggiano's Italiano Ristorante. All Bayuga food events are not to be missed. So here we are right on time bright eyed and ready to eat to celebrate a junior high graduation. Why do people celebrate JUNIOR HIGH GRADUATION?? What does a JRHIGH diploma do? Can you apply for a job saying "Yes, i graduated Jr. High, here's my diploma". No, but I'm not hear to complain. I've always wondered about it though, dating back to the stone age of my own JR. HIGH GRADUATION. Wearing a suit and tie thinking....I'm only 13 and have yet to hit puberty, why are we having a graduation?

Anyways, the Bayuga's are the best family in the world. I love them so much. We ate so much food and still, the leftovers were pouring over the tables.
(look at all that calamari)
(pork roast, lasagna, chicken parmesagno, fettucine alfredo)
Sadly, we had to leave a bit early and missed dessert. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise as I was about to pop. We had to head off to my sisters baby shower. We were only 20 minutes late, so we were still in the good graces of the familia.
(Audrey and Naomi)
Some baby games, playing with other people's babies, cake, and you had one tired person. Yes, that would be me. We made it home and I managed a two hour nap and now I'm wide awake at 12 AM.
Mike Park