June 01, 2007

9:00 AM
I missed the punk show last night. It irks(spelling?) me that I didn't support this local endeavor to put on shows here in San Jose, but for some reason I just got extremely tired and passed out early. I had to go up to Emeryville(next to Berkeley) earlier in the day to meet up with our music distributor along with the record label Alternative Tentacles. The drive is always full of nice traffic, so I took a nap while Skylar drove. Skylar works at asian man with me by the way. Ummmmmm....

Yeah, as the music industry continues to change and change. We've had to adjust to the current onslaught of record store closings and digital piracy and blah blah blah. Anyways, we were more excited to see Jello Biafra. Being big fans of the Dead Kennedys, the idea of being in a relaxed meeting with someone who I grew up and continue to listen to and someone who really established a constant for the last three decades with the record label and activist work in the bay area. It was GEEK out time for sure.

I've met Jello a few times, but never knew if he actually knew who I was, but yesterday confirmed that YES!!....he knows me. He said "Hello Mike". That's me!

But after driving back to the south bay, I just lost all energy. Oh well. WHat can you do. Darn, I wish I brought a camera yesterday. Oh well. That's it for today. Enjoy your weekend.
Mike Park