May 30, 2007

8:23 AM
Geeeez, I really need to start proofreading these blog entries. Whenever I look back at previous posts I cringe at the various grammatical errors. I mean really, I have no idea if I spelled grammatical right? One M? Two M's? Anybody?

Since Wednesday is our day off at Asian Man, I'm back in the saddle for fun after one day of work. We're going up to San Francisco again to drop off Monica's aunt at her son's pad in Japantown. We'll eat burritos for lunch and then meet up with an old friend of Monica's named GUDRUN. She's also a jeweler, but better than Monica. It will be her first introduction to Maggie. Maggie is looking at me now grabbing her feet. That's her new skill. Feet grabbing. GOOD JOB!! Grab those feet girl!!

I think I like her the best in the morning. She's rested and smiles lots and lots. But what is up with the feet grabbing. It's funny. There's a nickel arcade located about 10 minutes from my home that houses some amazing games, but lately people have been putting on punk shows in the birthday room. It makes for some fantastic entertainment. Tomorrow night SHINOBU and PTERADON play with a band from Philly called the ERGS. Word on the street is that they slay, so another killer show in the south bay. Yes, I am excited. Here we go. Old man at the punk show.
Peace out,
Mike Park