May 27, 2007

9:41 PM
Monica's aunt Judy is visiting from Maine. She's lying down approximately 10 feet from me and she's watching the Karate Kid. She picked it out of our dvd library and says it is one of her all time favorites. Hey!! I can't argue with that. A little Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita can go a long way.

We spent the day in San Francisco. Coincidentally her uncle was also visiting from Maine, so we met up with him earlier in the day for lunch. We went to a place on Kearny St. called HOUSE OF NAN KING. Kind of a famous place. Known for good eats and bad service. But this time through I thought the eats were not so grand, so we had bad service, bad eats, and only Uncle Joey picking up the tab saved the day.

Next up was a bbq at a friends home kind of near Japantown? Uggh.. My geography of SF ain't the greatest. We were the first one's to arrive. People like showing up fashionably late, but I like doing the opposite. Show up fashionably early. It's the only way you can even talk to the host, as they are usually jumbled with various duties deep into a party atmosphere.

Anyways, we met our friend Joey and Lisa's baby boy Alex. It was my first time meeting his boy and he was a cute, cute, boy. He looked like a cartoon character. Kind of like a human in MONSTERS INC. And we stayed long enough to see some other friends, but alas, we bailed before the real action and then we were off to pick up aunt Judy and back home.
Mike Park