May 24, 2007

8:16 AM
The little one wins!! She knows we are suckers and therefore has us tripping over her every need. She wins! But we have a hard time not wanting to console a little 6 month old all the time. When she cries, we cry....When she sleeps, we sleep....when she eats, we eat!! She is the winner and champion!!

Her first tooth is starting to pop up from the lower gum. You can see a little bit of white and I think she's in much pain. Her energy is non-stop. She's been kicking for the last hour, only stopping every so often to stare at her hand. What kind of energy is this and where can I get it??

I mean, just yesterday I went to play basketball and after 10 minutes I was so tired?? Not sure why, but I capped the workout with 40 minutes in the jacuzzi. Yeah, that's working hard alright. Feel the burn.

Since we cut off cable tv about a year ago, I've been relegated to basically one channel.(36) It's a local station that plays lots of sit-coms and somtimes the A's games too. Anyways, the 7:00 to 8:00 PM hour block of that 70's show has turned me into a fan. I've caught up on 7 seasons worth of DVD'S through NETFLIX. It's a funny show. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I grew up with RED FOREMAN'S real life son and daughter. When I was in high school we stayed with him in LA when he was filming ROBOCOP and got he even took us to DISNEYLAND. Oh what good times.

I'm still trying to spend a bit of time everyday playing guitar. It's a bit trying at times, but I'm glad to be playing in some capacity even if the audience is my Maggie.
Mike Park