May 22, 2007

8:46 AM
Have you heard of the insane religious cult called the Westboro Baptist Church? They basically feel everybody is going to hell except their small congregation of about 70 people. They picket as many US soldiers funerals as humanly possible, spending up to a quarter million dollars on airfare. The reasoning??? I don't know? They say that it's because GOD killed them of to show his wrath against the US and therefore they are going to hell??? What?? It's insane!! I just watched a documentary on them from the BBC. I had been aware of their nutty antics for quite some time, but seeing the documentary just pours fuel on the fire. And though I've considered myself a peaceful man to an extreme....Ummmmm.... I could see myself dishing out some harm to this group of people.

What about FAG SWEDEN you ask? They have decided to boycott the entire country of Sweden and picketed a local store in TOPEKA, KS that sold vacuum cleaners from SWEDEN with signs that said FAG SWEDEN. Unbelieveable!! Also, they have boycotted CANADA!! Damn, what did they do wrong?
Want more?
Go to
type in god hates fags and you can watch the bbc documentary which is in 6 parts. Beware, you will be friggin angry, sad, confused, disgusted, all rolled up in one.

Now I'm all worked up. I'll think of Maggie and all will be better. Her activity has picked up. Ready to rollover for sure. Arching her back and shaking wildly. It's extremely funny to view.
Ahhhhh... I feel better.
Peace, mike park