May 21, 2007

8:35 AM
Here's proof that my allergies are more than just talk. My left eye left me looking like a zombie from 28 weeks later. The urge to itch that eye..Can you imagine? I wanted to scratch, scratch, scratch.

We had trekked over to Santa Cruz this past Saturday and took Maggie to the beach. We walked for two hours along west cliff. I had bought new converse low tops and had a blister on my right heel that oozed out clear puss. Ouch!
Going to Santa Cruz always reaffirms my love for the city. I hope we can to move there at years end. I am saving every penny right now in hopes of making this transport happen.

There was a Greek Festival downtown and we ate expensive food that was so/so. The Baklava was yummy. Extra syrupy. But whenever I feel like the food is too expensive I give it a thumbs down. We took our craving for Greek food over to the next day as we went to a local restaurant called YIASOO and had falafel and chicken. And of course Greek salad.

Monica made these crazy brownies in an ice cream cone. How much fat in these? I can't imagine. three cubes of butter later, add some sugar, and everything tastes good. I could deep fry a loaf of bread in butter, pour some sugar over it and people would be calling be pastry chef of the year!!
I love my daughter so much. I'm turning into a sappy individual constantly thinking of her. I want to wake her up at night so I can play with her. She is the best.. Peace, mike park