December 07, 2003
11:46 AM

I've been awake for less than five minutes and my eyes are kind of crooked right now. In fact I'm typing with my eyes closed right now. I'm such a good typist I can do that. Are you jealous? Didn't think so, but thought I'd ask. Holy shmoly...the last24 hours have been insane!! I don't even know where to start. I'll just write. Free food has been everywhere. We scored free food 3 times yesterday. Starting in Boulder. I played an in-store at albums on the Hill. There was a wopping 9 people there. It's good to know that I still draw the big crowds. I'm a big star! Anyways, the Albums on the Hill in boulder is such a great record store and the owner(Andy) is a great guy who knows so much about music. It would have been nice to have hung around more and talked to him about music. After the in-store Albums took me out to lunch. I had a tofo sandwhich which was friggin huge!! And delicious. It was marinated in some dill and lots of veggies. Super tasty. We then headed to Colorado University where I was too play at CLUB 156. It was only 4 PM, but luckily there was a bowling alley right next to the club which was situated in the student union. I was hanging out with Virgil, Josiah, and Kim. Bowled horribly, but both games were bets with Virgil who bowled just a little bit worse. Nonetheless I was the winner. Meaning I won the floowing:1.FREE MEAL 2.HE PAID FOR BOWLING. This punk rocker named Casey was working in the dominos in the student Union and he knew Virgil. Next thing you know he Friggin brings us 3 large Pizzas. Free food encounter numero DOS!! My idea of excitement might not be the norm.. But I was doing jumping jacks when the pizza came and my smile was seen from far away places. We ate, drank beer, and played pool for the next few hours. As the show got started, I hopped in to see the music and talk to people. Met some super nice people. The show was fun, but I sucked. I couldn't play. I don't know what the deal is, but my playing has suffered these last two nights. I don't know why???? I had played what I thought was my best show ever in Berkeley a few weeks back and know it's like I've never played before. It's frustrating, but I 've got to stop beating myself up over it. I know people had a good time and I should just leave it at that. Anywhoo...We headed to a bar after the show with a large posse. I hate bars, but when you're with a big group of friends, it's not so bad. I had walked into a vintage clothing store earlier in the day and the woman working had come to the show and then she was at the bar. We exchanged smiles throughout the evening, so I thought I'd talk to her. Her name was Linda. She was from Sioux Falls, SD, but relocated to Boulder a few years ago. She was real nice. We talked for a good 2 hours and even partnered up for some pool. WHich we totally sucked at, but almost pulled out the victory. After the bar closed, she left...We embraced and I thought "hmmmm....She's nice".. Anyways, my friend Virgil is wasted at this time and all we can talk about is free food and the fact that we are going to get it again before the night is up. Remember it's past 2 am at this point and chances are...We're not gonna get it. But lady luck was on our side. We run into this woman whose sister worked for Virgil a year ago. She knows Virgil and they embrace and she's extremely intoxicated. And the next thing I know in conversation she works at a mexican restaurant. YES!! I ask for the hookup and she says.. OF COURSE!! Off for more free food. Keep in mind I'm not hungry at all. But we had a mission and we were going to eat for free. Arrrgghhhh... I have to go right now. I want to write more, but anyways.. I'm having a good time in Colorado. I'm off to the Springs tonight. Should be fun.

Peace always, Mike Park