May 16, 2007

8:21 AM
It's my day off, but I'll go to work for 2 hours or so. We've been troubled over our accounting lately. Skylar and I have no experience using Peachtree and now the ancient software from 2000 is starting to act up or maybe we hit the wrong button cause now we can't access our files from last year. I'm usually pretty easy going, but accounting worries me. A friend is coming over this weekend to try and help us. I'm sure it will all work itself out.

But yeah, I've been a bit anxious lately and it's something I don't understand. What's there to worry about? Really?? What's the worse that can happen? I guess the leering idea that an audit will go down and my shabby record keeping will laughed at and all that I own will be taken from me as I get in line for the soup kitchens daily offerings.

But I'm drinking hot tea and that always makes my insides feel better. I'm off to work now. Enjoy some photos of you know who...
Peace, mike park
Hey, it's great Maggie with Gerry Lundquist
It's Maggie with Monica's high school friend Michelle
It's Maggie with GREAT GRAMPIE SAM!!
Maggie with Heidi from the Hot Toddies and Ryan from the Blast Bandits