May 14, 2007

10:37 PM
My wife and I have decided to start eating healthy. This coming after a long weekend filled with junk food consisting of lots of candy bars in particular: 100 GRAND, BUTTERFINGERS, NESTLE CRUNCH, and SNICKERS. 40 candy bars coming in one nice package compliments of COSTCO.

Our roommates daughter Haley had her confirmation on Saturday and their family tradition of food outings for every occasion is something I try not to miss out on. I'm still saddened that I was out of town for their moms 70th b-day. Le Sigh....

Anyways, I believe that meal(at a Chinese restaurant) was the beginning of the end for me. I had eaten so much food and of course Chinese food is pretty darn greasy, so I felt like I had consumed enough grease to last me for sometime.

And then of course mothers day, combined with my brother in laws birthday put more food, cake, and candy in my belly. I still feel bloated, but that's nothing new for me.

I just realized I haven't rode my bike to work in the last month. Starting tomorrow!! I'm back at it. Wish me luck.
Mike Park