May 08, 2007

8:01 AM
For some reason I thought I had outgrown my allergies. The seasonal torture from spring to summer. Pollen counts dancing around in my head, laughing, pointing, and torturing. The target: my eyes and nose. The eyes, this very moment itch more than you can imagine. The temporary relief from just scratching, scratching, scratching is just that... A temporary relief. And though I know scratching just makes it worse, I can't help myself sometimes. And what about the nose? Well, it's kind of like a drippy faucet. I spent half the night with tissue stuck up both nostrils to block the drippage. And the sneezing makes for a good startle for Maggie. Ahhhh... yes, the wonders of allergy season.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a show for Matt Skiba, Chuck Ragan, and Mike Hale. I haven't promoted a local concert in ye....wait a second. I don't think I've ever put on a show in San Jose. This is an easy first show. It's at a small place that will surely sell out and all the musicians are friends. So finally something good coming to San Jose. Hopefully I can put on more shows in the future. We'll see what I can pull off.
Enjoy your Tuesday. Warriors lost last night. Down 0-1, Sharks eliminated from the playoffs, and slowly baseball will take over all my time.
Mike Park