May 04, 2007

10:47 AM
I kind of remember when the food network first started and I thought "How in the world can a 24/7 cooking channel survive". Perhaps I was young, naive, and just too involved in my own stupidity?? As I now realize the FOOD NETWORK rules!! Emerill...BLAH... Rachel Ray....BLAH, but I kind of like her too.. Hmmmm...
IRON CHEF? Now we're talking. The two ingredients in my life:

I like to play iron chef at home, though my ingredients pale in comparison to the real life show. Relegated to shredded cheddar cheese as my key ingredient in most cases. Regardless, I would like to be iron chef one day. Perhaps culinary school is in my future??????

My moustache is ready for tomorrow. I've shaved my grotesque beard and now sport just a thick moustache that the women must love cause they keep looking at me, pointing, and then laughing. Means they like me...right?

Ahhh yes.
Have a good weekend.
Mike Park