May 03, 2007

Thursday 8:45 AM
Though there were hints of bad weather, yesterday turned out to be pretty nice. Morning showers made way for mid day sunshine. We made our way to beautiful Santa Cruz in the morning and met up with Dan Potthast who lives right off of the main street that takes you to Santa Cruz. There is a German restaurant in Felton a short 7 mile trek that has a beautiful view of giant redwoods whilst you eat outside, but to our dismay.... CLOSED!! Oh no.

Second option was a new Hawaiin joint downtown called HULAS. CLOSED!! What was going on? Third choice: A new Indian restaurant around the corner. OPEN!! Yes, come in and we did. Food? Delicious....
Price? Fair
Atmosphere? Fine
How's that for a review. I can't remember the name, but it's right on the downtown strip. The bummer goes to the fact that Gerry bought us lunch and then went to use the restroom without telling us and then Monica and I bought our lunch too. Why dumb?

Gerry stayed in Santa Cruz as Dan's housemate Mike took him up to the show in San Francisco. Hitting speeds in the high 90's, they made it almost the same time I did and I left 30 minutes prio with a 30 mile head start. Yikes..

It was nice to see a lot of old friends. The touring circus of rock n' roll always puts someone out there that you don't expect to see. This time through it was Andre Barcelone whom has miraculously been able to not get a real job for the last 15 years. Managing to work for bands without any real skill. He's been a videographer lately, though he has no experience other than buying a good camera and just shooting video. Thus the genius at work manages big time jobs with big time bands. I salute him. HERO of the day: ANDRE BARCELONE.
(i'm a terrible photographer.. Here's Cursive. I took only one photo the whole night. durrr...)

The show started promptly at 7 PM, which was great since I wanted to get home fairly early. We left before Mastadon played and were back at the crib by 11:10 PM. But I still didn't get to bed til' past one as I muscled through some late night e-mail.
Ok, tonight: GAME 6 Warriors vs. Mavs. GO WARRIORS!!
Mike Park