May 02, 2007

8:34 AM
Shoooootzzzz.... I'm tired. My friend Teresa had said "Sorry, no free tickets today" and we were set on not going to the game yesterday, but then at 5 PM she called and said "WOWZA, we have two tickets for the game, can you still go"? Heck yeah, so I loaded up the truck and I moved to Beverly. I was just watching Beverly Hillbillies. Sorry about that.

But yes, we went to SF to see the Giants battle the Rockies. It was Gerry's first time seeing the ball park and he was excited to tell his hoosier friends from St. Louis about the experience. After taking the mandatory tourist pics in front of the Willie Mays statue , we headed up to our third deck tickets compliments of KNBR. The weather was beautiful for the first hour of the game, but once that fog started rolling in, brrrrrr......

After 4 innings it was 8-3 COLORADO. Ouch! We decided to go for a stroll around the ball park and see the amenities they offer. They have a coca cola sponsored section for kids that include a super slide and a small baseball diamond where kids can hit and run the bases. We came upon a screen that was playing the Warriors/Mavericks game and stopped to watch along with about 20 other people. 4th QTR, the Warriors up 8 with 4 minutes left, the crowd grew to around 500 people. Very surreal, people chanting defense as this mock event turned huge. But Dallas scored 15 points in a row and ended up winning. Will this be the decisive comeback win that will spark the Mavericks to the NBA title? Hmmmm... Is this becoming a sports blog? Hmmmmm....

Final score of the Giants game: ROCKIES 9, GIANTS 7. Barry Bonds 0-5.

Heading off to work right now for a few hours and then off to Santa Cruz for the day. Wednesday are closed at work by the way. Friends from out of town are coming to play the Warfield in SF tonight. CURSIVE and PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS are opening for Against Me. We're going to the show tonight. Darn, it's gonna be a long day.

Mike Park