May 01, 2007

9:17 AM
It's Tuesday, the first of May and things are grand here in N. California. Yee haw!! Amongst sports enthusiasts galore these days as both bay area sports teams are trudging forward in a positive direction. These teams would be the:
and the

And though I try not to go toooooo Koo Koo about sports, I can't help myself this time through. Hockey, a sport which I have very little knowledge of has swept me off my feet. Playoff hockey has me dizzying due to the lack of fighting. The fights always turned me off, but friends in the know tell me the fighting is limited during playoffs due to the severity of fines, suspensions, penalties, etc... They can't take a chance this time of year. And so the question remains in my mind: Why allow fighting during the regular season? Perhaps a more seasoned veteran of the sport can explain it to me. But regardless, for the first time in my life I'm enjoying hockey and find myself rooting for the SHARKS. GO! SHARKS! GO!

And of course the national phenom is/are the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS. Why are they called GOLDEN STATE you ask? I have no idea? They've always played in Oakland. Anyways, I know they are the talk of the sports world and though pro basketball has taken a back seat to college hoops, I can't deny the excitement. Not having a cable has been a drag as I spent Sunday in front of a radio listening to the game. And to be honest, it probably made the game more exciting. The allure of radio made sense again. Being able to imaging the plays in your mind. The effect of reading through spoken would per se. Ahhhhh.... But I'm sure given the option in the future, I'd take TV over RADIO. HA!!

Well, I'm hoping to get a chance to take my friend Gerry to see the Giants play tonight vs. the ROCKIES. Waiting to see if another friend can hook me up with free tickets. We'll see. And that is all for today.
Mike Park