April 26, 2007

11:19 AM
After very little sleep, mucho excitement, and more junk food than one could ever desire, I'm heading back home. My trip lasted a little less than 48 hours and now I'm just minutes away from being back in San Jose. On Tuesday, I arrived in Los Angeles where super friend Chris Candy picked me up and we headed up to his school(LMU) to check out their recording studio. Chris is a TA this semester and gets free access to the studio. I'm going to try and make it out there in a few months and do some free recording. Me hopes so. After an hour or so, we headed off to Dodger stadium to meet up with friends TITO and TODD from San Pedro(home of the BIG LEBOWSKI-DUDE) to watch the Dodgers/Giants battle it out. We arrived 3 hours early to beat traffic and ended up wandering the area in hopes of free entertainment.

We ate at EL POLO LOCO. Not sure why we picked EPL, but thinking back it was probably because they had a nice bathroom. Ummmmm. yeah. And so we charged ahead doing what I love(Walking) and ended up at CIRCUIT CITY. I need a new camera, so I bought a SONY(7.2 MP) on sale for $169. Seems awfully low to me? Or did digital camera prices just drop like crazy recently? Anyway, the plasma big screens were playing XMEN 3, so we stopped to watch a bit. Though not really related, it got me more pumped up for SPIDERMAN 3 next week. Me=excited!!

Shoooooootzzzz.. Tito called and he had arrived at DODGER STADIUM. We were about a 25 minute walk away, so we hustled to the game realizing that we would barely make first pitch. We didn't want to pay the $15 for parking, so that's why the long walk. My first impression of DODGER STADIUM was wow. Beautiful, but our $25 tickets would have cost me $7 if it was an OAKLAND A'S game, but heck I was on vacation, so my cheapness didn't damper the mood. Giants won, the fans booed Barry Bonds, and I ate sunflower seeds.
(that's Bonds at bat)

After the game, Chris and I took off to see the band FISHBONE play. They were my favorite band in high school and still remain near the top of my list. They weren't playing a normal show. It was some kind of party for a skateboard clothing?? company started by Jason Lee. And it was a record release party for Fishbone, but there didn't seem to be any fishbone fans. Packed club, very stereotypical LA type of bar? Small place fitting about 200 people. Anyways, the crowd didn't seem to care and it was just a sad spectacle as my heroes had to play such an awkward show. Come to think of it, I was really upset. It just made me sad to see such a historic band brought down to this level at this stage of their career.

We rolled back to Santa Monica at a bit past 2 AM. Chris and I stayed up til' around 4 AM just talking. It's always fun, but I definitely should have gone to sleep since disneyland was just hours away. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....

Up and at em. 8 AM and Chris drove me to LMU where my friend Scott picked me up to head out to Disneyland. Scott and I had grown up together in San Jose. One of the few old friends that I still keep in touch with. Scott works in the film industry and has lots of interesting stories to share. It was a nice chance to catch up with him during the one hour drive to Anaheim. Magic KINGDOM in sight, my adrenaline started to pick up. Mickey was close and it would be my first time ever going to the new California Adventure theme park.
(arriving in the parking lot of disneyland)
We met up with the man whom hooked us up with tickets(Pierce Davis) and another friend Kandra and trekked straight over to the TWILIGHT ZONE ride called TOWER OF TERROR. Awesome!! It's an old hotel and you're strapped in an elevator and ......ummm.. yeah, it's fun. I'll save you the bore of explaining every ride. But we rode all the classics, with the new touched up Pirates of Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, blah blah. They have a tour of a tortilla factory and of a sourdough bread factory with free samples.

We lasted til 7:30 PM and my old body was done. I was running on fumes at that point. Scott dropped me off at LMU and Chris + girlfriend Allison picked me up. Got some food, met up with some other friends, and a hopeful early night turned into another marathon adventure. We're getting ready to land. Ok, gots to go.
Peace, mike park
(the plane was empty)