April 23, 2007

9:15 AM

Those are my bowling scores from last night. Yes, I'm pretty good. I'm not sure why I couldn't even crack 100 considering I am a professional bowler. Oh well. I will practice and practice. Eventually, I will top 200. We've been bowling every Sunday night. A group of friends pushing the envelope of extreme sports such as bowling. Umm yeah.

I also managed to watch 3 basketball games and eat 3 cups of chips and salsa. Another extreme sport:CHIPS AND SALSA consumption.

Tomorrow I'm off to Disneyland. A gentleman named Pierce Davis is hooking me up with free tickets. Woohoo!! Actually, I'm going to Dodger stadium tomorrow to see the Dodgers and Giants battle it out. And then Disney on WEDNESDAY. Yup, I'm working hard these days.
Mike Park