April 17, 2007

11:14 AM
Thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected by the shooting yesterday at Virginia Tech.
It's a frustrating venture when the news of another school shooting clogs up the media outlets. I often wonder what drives a human being to kill another? Or even the desire to fight at all. Aggresion seems to be such a normal outlet for our species. Ultimate fighting, boxing, hockey, fighting, fighting, video games, killing, more fighting, war, terrorists, extremists, fascists, fighting, anger management, intimidation, being hard, ahhhhhhh....

The gunman was a Korean male who had been in the US since 1992. It's something that hit my mom a bit harder than the usual news of tragedy. The idea that a Korean could do something so horrible brought tears to her eyes, but I'm glad she realizes that we're all capable of commiting horrible acts of violence. The Korean race is not pardoned from such activities.

Yes, this is not a normal blog entry for me. I tend to keep things lighthearted in hopes that my politics will not stronghold anyone to feel uncomfortable. I never want to shove politics down your throats.
Mike Park