December 05, 2003
4:21 PM

Hey there kids and old folks alike. I am sitting in the Suburban Home Records office in Denver, Colorado. The weather is brisk, but nice. The art of flying is once again so miraculous to me. I awoke in San Jose at 7 AM, worked for 2 hours and BAM!!! I'm in Denver. I flew Frontier airlines and they have live satelite tv on each individual seat. Friggin A.. That's amazing. They give you 20 minutes free and then you have to pay $5. Being the frugal person I am I usually would have passed on the $5, but I thought why not. I watched Animal Planet, the Game Show Network, ESPN, and then I fell asleep. I never fall asleep on a plane and here when I pay $5 for something I fall asleep. The flight was only 2 and a half hours, but I slept for a good hour and 15 minutes. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. That's life. I got picked up at the airport by Virgil who runs Suburban Home. He's a good guy. We're going to meet his girlfriend in a bit and get some food. YUMM... I'm pretty hungry right now. Hmmm... What else. Last night, I met up with Eidelyn. We never hung out before, but from the few encounters I've had with her she always seemed nice. She recently moved downtown San Jose and therefore a bike ride away from me. We went to see SPIKE AND MIKE'S Sick and Twisted Animation Fest.. The walk took about 40 minutes and the weather was quite pleasant. I had worn too much clothing since I had based last nights freezing as the norm.. AND I arrived sweating and smelling pretty bad. We talked about Comics. She's a comic buff and I had just sold my entire collection on ebay. Maybe some of you remember seeing it up on EBAY. I barely got anything for it..ARGGHH!! The movie rocked. DR TRAN!! Just see the movie and you'll know the power of DR TRAN!! 3-D!! The walk back was colder, but still quite nice. We walked through some new neighborhoods for me. Saw more nice houses.. Talked about being asian in punk rock and other odds and ends. It was fun. I rode my bike back home and read a bit(like 5 minutes) and got hungry and made spaghetti. And then my eyelids got heavy and I slipped into an REM state dreaming of lollipops and cute girls in Japan. Just kidding, I just slept and probably did dream, but can't remember what I dreamt about. Have a great weekend y'all. Be good

Peace always, Mike Park