April 11, 2007

9:21 AM
It's April 11th, the one year anniversary of my marriage to Monica. We will celebrate with very non-romantic ventures. What did I get for her you ask? Nothing. I did hold her hand yesterday and told her I loved her. Is that enough? Thankfully we're both partial towards gifts. It doesn't woo us or change the fact that we love each other. People make strange assesments on life through the material gifts on such days, but everyday should be treated as such day. Don't you think?

Ahhhhh.... yes. Well, we didn't make it out to the Sea Dogs game last night. So I didn't get to meet Jared from the Subway commercials. Darn. I guess the freezing cold was too much for Monica to endure and I surely didn't want to go to the game alone. So I enjoyed the warmth of Monica's parents home. Opting to watch 40 year old virgin on Cinemax.

Monica and her family are in bed by 8:30 PM, so this trip has been a lot of alone time at night. The scenario is me flipping through 250 channels of digital cable while eating various cereals. And though I should have used this time to be productive, I found myself doing the exact opposite. Ugghhh.. I hate this feeling, but it's ok once in awhile right? Yup.. that's what I'm trying to tell myself. I had a guitar at my disposal, but barely played it. This here computer was used sparingly and my gut grows by the minute as the spring fling of the west coast was put on hold for the east coast cut of fat that is assimilating quickly for the icy cold conditions.

We are off to Portland...THE BIG CITY!! We'll eat vegan food(again, we are not vegan) and trek through the streets bundled up like eskimos. Be well.
MIke Park