April 10, 2007

10:23 AM
Day 6 in Gray, Maine. I've gained exactly 5 pounds in my short stay here. When all you do is eat large meals, combined with no exercise, the result is deadly. And this is what you have to look forward too. That is...Much girth. Add that to my large frame and you have a disaster waiting to take place. Will I be able to combat this? Me hopes so.

Tonight we're going to hit up the PORTLAND SEA DOGS game. They are the minor league affiliate of the BOSTON RED SOX. I'm wondering how in the world people can play baseball in temperature hitting the low 20's. But tonight is special as their marketing team has provided us with a celebrity appearance. Here's how their website advertises this special occasion:

Jared Appearance
Jared Appearance, presented by Subway Restaurants

Amazing.. Will people really come just because Jared from the Subway commercials is coming? Maybe this is my new calling. The weight gain should continue until I balloon up to 400 pounds and then i too will only eat subway until I become the new Jared. Hmmmm....
Mike Park