April 06, 2007

2:32 PM EST
Holy moly... It's been a rollercoaster ride the past 40 hours or so. This is what I look like after being awake for 24 hours straight. Ouch!!

Our redeye flight out of San Jose was delayed an hour, which is no big deal. We just relaxed in the not so busy airport eating snacks we bought at the market earlier in the day. JETBLUE provides live direct TV. Streaming 34 channels of beautiful television. The fact that I haven't had cable for nearly one year had me perspiring in anticipation to watch tv. The flight was packed, but we somehow lucked out and got an open seat for Maggie. We just set up her car seat and she was out for the entire flight. Whhhhheeeeew.... That was nice. But the live television had me up for the entire flight. Actually, I think I channel surfed for a good 3 hours straight, never landing on one station for more than 2 minutes. And that is the problem with television. The fact that there are soooooo... many choices has an insane person like myself going crazy because the idea that perhaps there's something better on has me going KOO KOO.

Our flight arrived at 6 AM in BOSTON, MA. where my father/mother in law were coming to pick us up. To our dismay, we received a message telling us that Gray, Maine received 18 inches of snow during the night and there was no way they could make it out to pick us up. DOH!!! So we waited for the 7:30 BUS to PORTLAND, MAINE. Monica had taken this before and told me it was quite comfortable. And it was. Here's a picture of us leaving on the bus. You can see the flash in the rear view mirror. yeah, that's me.

They had the movie MAD HOT BALLROOM playing for us and the bus was barely half full, so comfort galore for us. The two hour drive went my quickly as I adored the snow. I realize the locals are probably up to their wicks end with snow, but when you're from California and see snow only from mountain tops from great distances then snow is quite fun to look at.
Grandma Rhonda picked us up at the bus station and we made the final trek home. At this point my state of delirium reached new levels. Throw in the fact that we lost control of the car and almost crashed added paranoia to the mix, but we made it in one piece and my state of mind continued to rotate with new excitement. Grandpa Nappi got to see Maggie for the first time in person.
And so here I am sitting safe and sound with a beautiful background just an arms length away. And though my sleep pattern is messed up(I went to bed at 5 AM) things are good my friends. How can they not be when you get to dress your daughter up in winter clothing ala A CHRISTMAS STORY.
Be well.
Peace always,
Mike Park