April 03, 2007

8:15 AM
April fools!!??
Damn, I missed it. The week prior I was thinking of something good to write, but I couldn't come up with anything clever enough because I'm dumb. Oh well. Oh well.
Well, I made it back from Spring Training in one piece. The whole adventure lasted exactly three days and two nights, but I felt like I was gone for much longer. Right before we checked out of the hotel, Monica was reading the letter I got from the company that gave me the trip and informed me that we were supposed to get free breakfast which I somehow overlooked. And considering how much I like free, made me sad for about 8 minutes and then I was happy again.

But now I am getting ready for another trip. We leave for Maine tomorrow to visit Monica's side of the family. Monica's parents Rhonda and Paul live in Gray, Maine which is about 30 minutes from PORTLAND. Weather is cold out east. Looking at the five day forecast, the high will be 40 on Thursday with a low of 28 on Sunday. Geez... Let's look at the weather here... A high of 75 on Friday and the low will be today at 69. Ouch... But that's ok. I'll dress warm.

And to be honest, I'm looking forward to it very much.
Mike Park